„Ich ersetze die Schwermut durch den Mut, den Zweifel durch die Gewissheit, die Verzweiflung durch die Hoffnung, die Bosheit durch das Gute, die Klagen durch die Pflicht, die Skepsis durch den Glauben, die Sophismen durch kühlen Gleichmut und den Hochmut durch die Bescheidenheit“

- Comte de Lautréamont


Bringt mich jeden Tag zur Ruhe in dieser hektischen Welt.
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Groundhog Day

One of my favourite films is Groundhog Day – it was the first movie in my life that “moved” me. Where one man is stuck in the same day, forced to relive it again and again. He is one of the most unaccepting person you can imagine. Having to repeat the same suffering again and again the same day – he wakes up into the same day again and again. He commits suicide, he wakes up again – the same day. But gradually he can’t resist anymore. And finally he goes with it. He lets go of inner resistance. Suddenly he does good things on those days, he helps other people. Suddenly he becomes a powerful good: Internally he is aligned with what is. He transforms his entire world around him, the town where he is stuck. He hated it so much. As he begins to accept, it transforms the town and suddenly he is out of it. But he doesn’t get out of it until he says yes to it completely. Thats a universal lesson. Thats very deep.